Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Kansas City Downtown Council Bends Knee & Endorses #BlackLivesMatter Agenda

Money line from this organization which hopes locals will forget their work as the scourge of affordable housing inside the loop for more than two decades . . .

"Our goal is to shape Downtown Kansas City into a continuing successful urban place, maintaining our authenticity and affordability, and promoting strategies of economic inclusion in adjacent neighborhoods – overcoming historical racial and socio-economic divides."

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Downtown Council - Imagining the future

As the Black Lives Matter demonstration unfolded Friday afternoon on the south steps of City Hall, one overriding message carried through the crowd and into the streets and neighborhoods of Kansas City. Speaker after speaker, from community leader to elected official called for change. In local police reform. In public health.


Anonymous said...

Of all the phony virtue signalling from individuals, groups, and companies, this gang tops the list.
Lots of big talk, but just wait until it's time to misdirect more millions of tax dollars into one of the Downtown Council's harebrained self-serving schemes, and the public will see where these folks really stand.
And all the cowards kneeling and promising the mob that their demands are going to be met are going to feel their wrath when virtually NONE of it actually takes place.
And put smiley selfies Lucas at the top of the list.
Any adult supervision in KCMO?
No, as usual.

Anonymous said...

Word salads of subjugation.

Tired of same shit said...

Ask forgiveness for your white privilege. Adopt a thug. Bring a thug to your JOCO and Brookside home, etc. Make an apartment for the thug in your basement. Feed his/her pit bull. Help the thug spell when making signs.
Let the thug use your car(s) to go to church (or Swope Park). Change your music feeds to hip-hop.

Thanks for your support.

Anonymous said...

^^OK Boomer. Bye bye now.

Anonymous said...

Bow down to the all great God of Political Correctness! All you need is a large full screen monitor on every corner to tell you what to think and do and that'll make it complete. Interesting!

Anonymous said...

Add a few Thug Suite hangout areas to Three Light.

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

Jim Jones would be proud