Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Kansas City Crime Scene: Homicide Count Spikes To 83 Murders In 2020 So Far

The stench from a corpse tops crime news today and adds another victim to the historic list of spiking KCMO murder.

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KCTV5: Death investigation underway after decomposing body found at Kansas City apartment

KMBC: Foul odor leads neighbors to dead body in apartment

KSHB: Officers located a woman who had been deceased for some time. They are now investigating it as a suspicious death.

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There were only 60 killings at this point on the calendar in 2019.

After the jump we've compiled news & notes on ALLEGED crime, police action, court cases and mugshots . . . Checkit:

Kansas City Demands Accountability After Deadly Officer-Involved Shootings

Families, advocates demanding names of Kansas City officers involved in shootings be released

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Local advocacy groups, protesters and the families of two Kansas City men killed by police are calling for the officer's names to be released. The push is gaining momentum amid protests over the last few weeks. The families of 47-year old Donnie Sanders and 26-year-old Cameron Lamb said they are looking for transparency.

Report: Nasty Mountain Man Wanted In Kansas City

Wanted: Joe Cauthon

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Joe Cauthon is wanted on a Jackson County warrant for sex offender registration violation. His original offense happened in 1998 in Kansas City and involved the sexual assault of a 13-year-old girl. His last known address was near 78th and Main streets in Kansas City, Missouri, but his current location is unknown.

Suspected Bad Hombre Charged In The Golden Ghetto

Overland Park man faces rape, sodomy charges

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - An Overland Park man faces charges of rape, aggravated criminal sodomy and lewd and lascivious behavior in Johnson County. The charges against Juan Manuel Paredes-Castellanos, 45, stem from events that occurred on Feb. 16, according to charging documents. Overland Park police investigated the case.

KCK Lady Confronts Deadly Car Crash Consequences

Woman charged in hit and run crash that killed KCK man

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - A Kansas City, Kansas woman is facing charges in a hit and run crash that killed a 41-year-old man and severely injured his 2-year-old granddaughter. Kendra Woman, 25, is charged with failure to stop at an accident that resulted in death.

White Collar Crime Crackdown Across The Bridge

North Kansas City woman sentenced on federal embezzlement charges

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - A North Kansas City woman with prior convictions for embezzlement will spend more time in prison after defrauding a local solar energy company. The federal judge sentenced 42-year-old Tonya A. Topel to two years and nine months without parole. She must also pay back more than $142,000 in restitution.

Historic Kansas Justice Against Creepers Coming Soon . . .

Two Men Convicted Of Rape And Murder Of Kansas Children Set For First Federal Executions In 17 Years

Two men convicted of the rape and murder of Kansas children more than two decades ago are among four men scheduled to be put to death in the first federal executions scheduled to take place in 17 years.

Kansas City Gives EPIC Cash For Riot Bail

Before protests, fledgling KC bail fund had raised $3,000. Now donations are soaring

In its first year, the Kansas City Community Bail Fund had raised about $3,000 in donations to bail clients out of jail and help them navigate support services and court procedures. Few requests came in. But as protests against systemic racism and the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis spread across the nation, the switch flipped.

Local Housing Fight Cont’d

Apartment owner under federal investigation resumes eviction hearings during COVID-19 outbreak

In the middle of a global pandemic, lawyers for apartment owners under federal investigation for unsafe living conditions have resumed pursuing eviction cases in the Kansas City area.While evictions are still on hold due to federal legislation due to COVID-19, judges have started hearing eviction cases once again.

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Blind Melon Chitlin' said...

Oh no ! Does that mean fewer Black people ?! Please, God No !!

Anonymous said...

And a just-announced Triple Shooting makes 84!

Anonymous said...

83 murders and it's only early June.
Easily 170+ for 2020.
And not a peep from the revs, BLM, or all the other SJWs who are somehow so concerned about what happens elsewhere around the country.
With "leadership" and priorities like this, it's no wonder that KCMO has been heading down the toilet for years.
Bankruptcy next, just to put icing on the cake.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a really nice apartment complex.

Great landlord. He didn't evict her; even though she is dead.

Anonymous said...

They just blasted three more this afternoon at 27th and Jackson. One DOA. Didn't see any protesters at the scene, though. I just love this bullshit, hypocritical BLM movement.

Charlie Horse said...

What 4:41 say, what he say!!!

Anonymous said...

BLM , only not to their own. Where is your 2 faced support ?

Anonymous said...

Blm only exists to bleed white peoples fo dey monies

Anonymous said...

Its confirmed number 84 is in the books baby! Woo hoo!

Anonymous said...

KC murder rate is like a slot machine payout. where are these African American leaders and their demands to stop their Killing ?

Anonymous said...

In the U.S., nine unarmed black men were shot by police officers, while 20 unarmed white men were shot in 2019. Unarmed doesn't necessarily mean they weren't trying to take the officer's gun, or choke or beat them, so these figures might be skewed a bit. Yet, contrast those figures with about 7,000 black men killed in the U.S. by other black men. One category of deaths brings a lot of money to Kaepernick, the NACCP, BLM and other groups when it occurs, and the other category doesn't. Like most things in life, follow the money.