Thursday, June 04, 2020


Last night's protest was far less "eventful" as faith leaders and police promotion of "unity" seemed to diffuse most tensions . . . Despite a few more arrests.

Here's the latest roundup and a look at the mainstream convseration so far . . .

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Kansas City Standoff Postscript

Protesters move toward police line following Wednesday's unity march

Kansas City police kept hundreds of protesters from entering the Country Club Plaza following Wednesday's unity march.Protesters marched up to Main Street and into Westport before turning south, heading back toward the Plaza.About 9:30 p.m., as the group made its way back, instead heading back to Mill Creek Park, which has been the site of the demonstrations since Friday, protesters appeared to try to continue the march through the shopping district.

Week Of Cowtown Dissent

Kansas City protesters continue for a sixth day

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - Protest continue for a sixth night as hundreds come together to protest the wrongful death of George Floyd and all the wrongful deaths of unarmed black men in Kansas City and in our country.

Protesters Share Differences

2 groups of protesters meet at the Plaza

As the Unity March on Wednesday headed west toward the Country Club Plaza, another group of protesters was waiting at the intersection of Emanuel Cleaver II Boulevard and Main Street. Those demonstrators said they don't want unity with the police until changes are made.

Eyeing Painful Testimony

KC police claim no rubber bullets. But man who says he was hit by one may lose eye

In the days since Saturday's protest at the Country Club Plaza, which included tear gas, fires and injured protesters, police officials have denied that they fired rubber bullets. But Sean Stearns, a 32-year-old Kansas City man who was at the protest, said that's what he believes pummeled his left eye just before midnight.

Pepper Spray Backstory

Protester says he was 'taking a stand' when he got arrested at Plaza protest

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The video of 20-year-old Paul Salary's arrest has been viewed and shared on social media over two million times. Salary told 41 Action News he was taking a stand, a stand that got him arrested at the Country Club Plaza protests on Saturday evening.

Demanding KCPD Reform

Protesters looking for KCPD reforms including local control, body cams

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - Many of those protesting in Kansas City over the last few days are calling for reforms, including local control of the police department and the use of body cameras by officers.

Visit KC: Cowtown Social Justice Activist & Riotous Looter Tourism Surges

KCPD: Some arrested during protests from 'out of town'

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - At least a dozen people arrested during this past weekend's demonstrations were from "out of town," or more than an hour's drive from Kansas City, according to police. Thousands of demonstrators have been on Kansas City's streets following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

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Anonymous said...

So now Sean “the professional dog walker for the gays” wasn’t hit by anything the police did? What’s he gonna do now that he has to change his story? His own Antifa thugs did this to him. Doesn’t matter anyway, he got what he deserves.

Anonymous said...

Typical Gay Drama. One eye pecker sniff.

Anonymous said...

All this over a 4 time felon that should have still been in jail in Texas. It would have saved his life if the liberial court system had kept him in jail. Instead it lets him out as a good boy now and then he gets in more trouble ultimately leading to his death. Then the liberials throw a giant destructive panty fit all the country. We need a civil war to get back to the rule of law.

Anonymous said...

White People Get Out! We are a Chocolate city!

Get used to it!

Anonymous said...

Sean Stearns is a victim of his own stupidity. Sean Stearns is looking for a payday courtesy of you local taxpayers. Says that he "believes" he was hit, well golly gee I think my shoulder hurts this morning because in my sleep a KCPD officer sneaked into my house and hit me with a rubber night stick. Yes I do believe that's why my shoulder hurts.

I'd be more inclined to believe he smarted off to the wrong person and get cold cocked up aside the head.

I'm sure there is a law somewhere this candy ass can be charged with for falsely reporting his injury.

Anonymous said...

If not for whites civilization would fall apart. All you pinkos would be back to crapping in holes in the ground.

Anonymous said...


Q: What's worse than a lab-created virus designed to target those with weakened immune systems?

A: Youth, privileged to live in America, who are too stupid to direct their energy into positive, productive pursuits!!!

Anonymous said...

^^^ Middle class white kids that lead blacks around and take over a black movement. That would be the worst. I sure the fuck wouldn't want a bunch of white faglers speaking and representing my race. Blacks have been used once again. By their own choice of representation.

Anonymous said...

To be a "professional dog walker" like the rubber-bullet guy, does one have to take a written test to obtain professional dog walker certification?

Is there a module in the certification test regarding the proper way to pick up dog poop while walking a dog?

Dog walking continuing education classes?

Does Mizzou offer a degree in Professional Dog Walking?

Are Professional Dog Walkers regulated by the State of Missouri or Kansas or the Federal Dog Walking Agency?

Wonder what the Professional Dog Walker's Association annual dues are?

Is it against the law if you walk a dog without Professional Dog Walker Certification?

Hopefully the Kansas City Star will publish a follow-up story to answer these very important questions.

Anonymous said...

^^I don't know Maude, did you ask them? Why are you boring us with this?

Anonymous said...

If 9:55 was truly less than 40 years old; he wouldn't even know who Matlock and Maude are. He's some 60+ year old left-wing Democrat loser changing his mommy's diaper while living off her monthly Social Security check.

Anonymous said...

One thing is for sure in the US today, white people's wealth is being greatly redused by the pandemic and now racial unrest. Good.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Our local news geniuses have been saying for the last 2 mornings that everything is great again on the Plaza.
That must be why it is closed for the 6th day in a row.

Anonymous said...

Well, you're correct in pointing out that the whole thing is destructive, as tantrums tend to be.

However, the wealth of those who already have it is absolutely increasing. The 'white people' you refer to, racist, particularly the wealthiest, has gone up during the pandemic.

The riots will end up costing, yes. But if the best you can do is apply a temporary price tag to your perceived oppressors, then you've accomplished exactly the same thing as a baby who has turned over their bowl of cereal and begins to cry about it--someone else will clean up the mess while you remain a mental and economic infant.

Good luck, you revolutionary you.

Charlie Horse said...

The police need booty cams not body cams.

Shannon Christian and Christopher Newsome said...

Everyone who isn't stupid enough to believe that "Diversity Is Our Strength" is laughing at those naive enough to live in any city that's more than 1% Black. Watch for a sea of "for sale" signs in every metropolitan area with a Black population of more than 10%. All major US cities = Detroit.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet nothing you said is true or based in fact in any way. Weird.

Anonymous said...

I still want to fuck him so hard that other eye will pop out.
I promise. He WILL know who did it.

Remember Tanya Chamberlain And How She Died said...

@1:46 And yet you're childish and delusional enough to consider that an actual adult response. Way Weird. One of us lives in a Nigger-Infested Shithole, the other lives in a peaceful community full of sane people who've been saying things like, " Riots ?" "Oh, you mean that Nigger shit on TV". We inhabit different worlds. Mine is a healthy, happy place where all lives matter and no one is taking a knee or apologizing. Tell me about your world.

Diddling Don said...

Hello again from the White House. Marie Antoinette and I are resting comfortably and in style five stories below ground.

So, a lot of fake news. Out today. Tremendous fake news. Saying I'm in a bunker. There is no bunker. The White House is great. Structure of building is so secure and so safe. We have these tough Secret Service people that will not let anything happen to me. Ok? They are going to protect their supreme leader with great strength and toughness. So, the first thing is there's no bunker ... and I'm talking to the MAGATS. Your President is safe. Total strength. Total safety. NOT in a bunker. Where we are actually is in the ... it's called the closet. K? We're in the closet where we have all the safe things I need.

Mike ... Mike Pence says the closest is safe. He's spend a lot of time in the closest so he knows what's best. He's been such a strong leader on the COVID which we recently defeated. Great job, Mike.

But, we're doing great. K? There's a lot of nasty people out there doing terrible things. The blacks. And, uh, the Dems. And also this Auntie Teefa. Ok? Who's this little black woman, she's so nasty, they call her Auntie Teeffa. She's doing the most damage. And I won't call her Auntie. I don't want to give her the respect. Ok? So I'm just calling her Teefa. Teefa is doing a lot of nasty things. So, we need law and order. Ok? We need great ... it's called law and order ... we love our great U-S of A.

So we're gonna get through this. Damage will be very minimal. And we gonna have strong reactions and strength. And in talking with my wife, Marie, as some of you know ... she has a history of doing inter-racial movies. So, I think she might be part of the solution.

God Bless you. God Bless Fox News ... and God Bless the United States of America.

Craig Glazer's Head In A Jar said...

@2:29 Tell us, what is a "closest" ? Two-thirty is a bit early to be hitting the sauce, don't you think ?

Anonymous said...

^^ 10:15- When you are so stupid that you don't understand wealth , taxes and what keeps your assistance ass above water. Keep showing ignorance. Maybe "Obama Dollars" will get you a new I phone.

Anonymous said...

So this isn't very funny, and it doesn't get funnier no matter how many threads it's on. Critique provided as a courtesy in the other place you put it. Way too long and not very observant.

Short version? D grade trolling that should be a lot funnier given how much ammo Trump gives us. I mean, this is the most mockable human in the history of the world and we get...French Revolution jokes? Come on.

Wilbur Zittles said...

@3:18 Black Lives Matter and Antifa are the most mockable humans in history. Followed closely by the spineless public officials kissing Black asses and getting down on one knee for the cameras.

Anonymous said...

i do feel sorry for the guy, not just because he got hurt but also because of his lack of judgment in being involved with a potentially dangerous situation where random stuff can happen.

a lesson learned the hard way.