Monday, June 29, 2020

Kansas City Coronavirus Stat Update

Quick peek at the stats in KC Proper, around the metro and in the bi-state area . . .

As of June, 29 KCMO has recorded 1,962 positive COVID-19 cases and 32 deaths.

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Coronavirus in Kansas City: Tracking COVID-19 curve of cases, deaths

We're tracking the curve of coronavirus cases and coronavirus-related deaths that have occurred in Missouri and Kansas.


Anonymous said...

How many murders? The Mayor next week is going require everyone to wear a bullet proof vest. They will save more lives than masks.

Anonymous said...

92 murders so far.

Good slogan. Welcome to KC: Wear your mask and vest!

Midtown KC Chester said...

^^^ Don't forget gloves & a condom!

Anonymous said...

Only going back three weeks with the riots being exactly one month ago we’ve gone up 764 Chinese red death cases in killa shitty, thanks boy blunder for letting the rioters do as they please in our city, not your city, our city. You caused this so you have blood on your hands.... and knees. You really showed them huh?

The worst part was you had solid evidence that there were people coming in from out of town with the virus and one of their goals was to spread the disease so as to cripple the working class and businesses, to disrupt everything and in your infinite wisdom you managed to let them. You should be ashamed of yourself. Mayor my ass.

Anonymous said...

11:04 the gang bangers shoot for the head so...

Byron Funkhouser said...

"... one of their goals was to spread the disease so as to cripple the working class and businesses..."

That's not true!

Yet, more right wing hysterical nonsense.

"... our city, not your city, our city ..."

That's asinine, too.

Anonymous said...

It's a proven fact that virus cased have been exaggerated. It's a proven fact that some people who died did NOT die of the Covid virus.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet, not one word you said is true or based in reality in any way. Weird.

Anonymous said...


YTD In KCMO, 32 COVID-19 deaths
Remember that according to Spring 2020 CDC guidelines, if someone tests positive for coronavirus, but dies from non-respiratory conditions, providers are encouraged to record it as a COVID-19 related death.

Of these 32 deaths, 25 occurred in the age range 60 and over, and the greatest number of deaths was in the group aged 90+

Quinton Lucas and Rex Archer want to keep as many businesses closed, as many residents unemployed, and as many people scared and depressed as possible until the November election. They're playing politics. It's happening all over the country, and it's being led by the Democratic Party and their media allies.

YTD in KCMO, 92 homicides. Lucas, Archer, Prosecutor Baker, Gwen Grant, Damon Daniels, etc., don't have a clue, so they attack the KCPD. Go figure!