Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Kansas City Coronavirus Stat Roundup As Nation Patiently Waits For Pandemic Impact Of #BlackLivesMatter George Floyd Protests

Here's a quick check of local data on the continued spread of the pandemic . . .

KCMO Health Department: As of June, 9 KCMO has recorded 1,422 positive COVID-19 cases and 28 deaths.

NPN: 14,913 COVID-19 cases in Missouri, 840 deaths

KSN: The KDHE says the number of Kansans who have tested positive is now 10,650, an increase of 257 from Friday. The number of Kansas deaths linked to COVID-19 is 236.

And so, tonight we're sharing a few more resources and links on the ongoing impact of the pandemic . . .

Troops Suffer Coronavirus After Historic George Floyd Protests

National Guard troops test positive for coronavirus amid warnings of protest spike

Some D.C. National Guard troops deployed to protests in Washington have tested positive for COVID-19, officials said Tuesday - as top White House Coronavirus Task Force members warned governors of a possible spike in infections tied to the nationwide demonstrations. The service members were among 1,300 D.C.

Get Your Message Across Despite Pandemic Masks

Communication tips to help get your message through your face mask

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Coronavirus is brewing up a lot of change especially in the way we communicate. Masks are now part of our "new normal." For months, the Filling Station has been keeping its staff and customers safe with strict sanitizing policies and by wearing masks.

School Comeback 2020

Raytown Schools get parents involved on potential plans for fall amid COVID-19

RAYTOWN, Mo. - School districts across the metro are preparing for the fall semester. Not knowing what the return to school will for sure look like, many districts are still keeping quiet about plans. But the Raytown School District is laying it all out there to keep parents in the loop about what may come.

Show-Me Costly Corona

Missouri cities face budget shortfalls amid coronavirus pandemic

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - As cities reopen and businesses emerge from stay-at-home orders, local governments are figuring out how to manage budgets that are expected to face shortfalls due to the coronavirus pandemic. The city of Independence is one of many cities facing such decisions.

COVID-19 Crackdowns Saddens Sunflower State

Kansans Reveal Their Coronavirus Anxieties, From Money To Health To Loneliness

LAWRENCE, Kansas - A full two-thirds of Kansans say they don't personally know someone who's been infected with the coronavirus. Yet an overwhelming number of respondents to a survey say the pandemic remade their lives, mostly for the worse. They talk of worry, boredom. It has cost most of them money.

Pandemic Cont'd

Dr. Anthony Fauci says coronavirus turned 'out to be my worst nightmare' and it 'isn't over'

White House health advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci said Covid-19 turned out to be his "worst nightmare" come to life as the coronavirus continues to rapidly spread across the globe. The virus is "something that's highly transmissible. ...

WHO Double Checks

WHO clarifies comments on asymptomatic spread of Covid-19

top World Health Organization official clarified on Tuesday that scientists have not determined yet how frequently people with asymptomatic cases of Covid-19 pass the disease on to others, a day after suggesting that such spread is "very rare."

Coronavirus Redux Fear Upon The Great American Reopening

WHO's chief scientist says there's a 'very real risk' of a second wave of coronavirus as economies reopen

Stringent public health measures have helped stem the transmission of the coronavirus, but there's "every chance" of a resurgence as economies reopen, the chief scientist of the World Health Organization warned Tuesday.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

actually more like the 3rd or 4th wave. This thing has been around longer than people realize.

Anonymous said...

2nd wave starts right in time for early voting in October.

Anonymous said...

We need a good deadly ethnicity based virus, hope this one becomes it !

Anonymous said...

^^Yes! One that takes out white people over 60! Good idea man, good idea! Fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...


KCMO Health Department: As of June 9, KCMO has recorded 28 COVID-19 deaths.
Mayor Quagmire and Dr. Archer shut the city down.


KCMO Police Department: As of June 9, KCMO has recorded 77 homicide deaths.
Mayor Quagmire and Prosecutor Baker have turned against KCPD and seek to coddle criminals!

Quinton "Quagmire" Lucas is WRONG on all counts.