Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Kansas City Coronavirus Outbreak Reported

An important note about infections but, so far, we haven't seen an uptick in hospitalizations or deaths . . . Read more:

Aspen Paper Products in Kansas City, MO, site of latest COVID-19 cluster

The Kansas City, Missouri, Health Department announced a new COVID-19 cluster Tuesday evening. The department said more than 200 Kansas City residents have tested positive for the virus after an outbreak at Aspen Paper Products, located at 4231 Clary Blvd.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, Archer. That ship has sailed.
No one gives a fuck any more.

Anonymous said...

Yeah you might want to care a little bit more Skippy.

Anonymous said...

^^Just stay hiding under your bed , puss.
Mommy will bring you a cupcake.