Saturday, June 20, 2020

Kansas City Copes With Coronavirus Fatigue As Officials Warn Of Continued Risk

Tonight most of the folks at the Prez Trump rally didn't opt for masks and it's clear that fatigue with precautions is setting in across the nation and in Kansas City.


Pandemic 'not over,' metro health officials stress

Kansas City area health officials this week reminded residents that the COVID-19 pandemic continues and the people need to take precautions."Unfortunately, it's not over! The Kansas City metropolitan region has seen a substantial increase in positive cases over the last couple of weeks," Dr. Rex Archer, director of the Kansas City, Missouri, Health Department, is quoted as saying in a news release posted Thursday by the health departments of nine metro counties.


Anonymous said...

Fuck that lying doom and gloom spreading Rex “the Adam schiffless of kc” archer.

Where are the recovered numbers Rex? To scared to admit the truth? You’d rather everything be shut down, including the hospitals, people are missing needed cancer diagnosis and treatment and you’re fucking everything up. Stupid bastard.

Anonymous said...

Stop putting Covid Positive patients into nursing homes and the outbreak will come to an end, you ghoul. Yes, Rex Archer is a ghoul who thrives upon fear and disease because it makes him feel important.

Anonymous said...

We all realize that you Trumpeteers are trying to disparage and trivialize this pandemic in order to try to keep voters from remembering how badly the God/Emperor screwed up, but if you're sneezing and coughing, stay at home.