Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Kansas City Chiefs Stay Winning Tax Fight For Arrowhead Improvements

Financially, this victory was way more important than the Super Bowl . . . Read more:

Missouri Supreme Court Sides With Kansas City Chiefs In Case Involving Arrowhead Stadium Renovations

The Kansas City Chiefs continued their winning streak off the field on Tuesday when the Missouri Supreme Court ruled that it does not owe nearly $1 million in taxes in connection with the $375 million renovation of Arrowhead Stadium more than a decade ago.


Anonymous said...

Taxpayers front $375 million in renovations and Clark Hunt takes taxpayers to court for another $1 million in taxes. What a cheap bastard.

I heard they screwed over St Joseph, Missouri Western University and Buchanan County as well regarding the summer training facility.

You got protesters and the Mayor yelling at KCPD officers making $30 an hour to get spit on, punched, rocks, bricks etc. thrown at them and Clark Hunt walks off with another $1 million in taxpayer money after already getting $375 million.

And yet, Hunt is the good guy and the KCPD cop is the bad guy for protecting law-abiding citizens.

Anonymous said...

^and yet all he does is win win win.