Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Kansas City Chiefs Refocus On Social Justice

Rather than enjoying promo for former glory that's already long forgotten . . . Here's the defending Super Bowl champs offering a 'woke' press release for the benefit of fans and activists . . . Read more:

Statement from the Kansas City Chiefs

This week was scheduled to be the culmination of the ReLIV campaign, the end of a journey we started in March celebrating our Super Bowl LIV championship run. We will continue to ReLIV the pinnacle of last year's historic season soon, but we believe our collective attention should be focused on the important conversations that are happening in our country.

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Anonymous said...


"..a grievous reminder of the inequality that exists in our nation."

Statement from the billionaire Dallas Texas owned team that employs multi-millionaire pampered athletes who commit crimes every year, and is part of the wealthiest professional sports league (NFL) by revenue, and was allowed to be an unincorporated nonprofit 501(c)(6) association by the IRS until 2015. HYPOCRISY, thy name is NFL/KC CHIEFS!!!

Hey NFL, blackball Colin Kaepernick or embrace your inner SJW. Pick a side.