Friday, June 26, 2020

Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Might Not Get $200-MILLION

Reality check for this QB turned activist amid historic times . . . Take a look:

Arrowheadlines: The Mahomes contract may have to wait

Why Patrick Mahomes mega-extension with Chiefs likely isn't coming until 2021 | CBS Sports Even without the COVID-19 pandemic's influence on the NFL 's future salary cap, Derrick added, the Chiefs were likely going to hold off and maneuver their own cap situation for the benefit of both sides.


Anonymous said...

I can't stand Patrick Mahomes he comes barging into our city and first thing he does is start racial tension. He's trash and an alcoholic. He's not welcome here. Go home Patrick and take your trashy girlfriend with you. We don't need or want you here.

Anonymous said...

The days of football players making millions are over.

Anonymous said...

Well, that’s a bit harsh. Any player “barges” into town to play for a team. He has a foundation that does good things. He didn’t buy a castle to live in and at least he bought on the Missouri side (George Brett always lived in Kansas). He’s hardly trash and neither is his girlfriend. Did he drink too much at the Super Bowl parade? Sure, and so did Kelce and mostly everyone else. And most Kansas Citians actually do want Mahomes here. So chill out. You’re gonna get your blood pressure up.

Anonymous said...

The homies who want to be social justice warriors better get their $200 mil contract signing bonus into the bank first cause the Arrowhead crowd don't kneel to communism.