Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Kansas City Border War Continues

This quick link tease reminds us that any talk of "truce" was basically just fake news . . . Link tease pretty much tells the story with more info for subscribers . . . Checkit:

KC construction firm could receive millions to relocate to Kansas - Kansas City Business Journal

Kansas City-based BlueScope Construction Inc. is among grandfathered companies in the economic border war and could receive more than $20 million to relocate to Kansas. Negotiations on potential incentives started before Kansas and Missouri signed a truce in August to end the use of state incentives to lure businesses from one side of the metro to the other without a sizable net increase in the metro's workforce.


Anonymous said...

Oh my what will KC do with all of that GO Bond money if developers move across state line?

Blind Melon Chitlin' said...

Why would they stay ?