Saturday, June 06, 2020

Kansas City #BlackLivesMatter Protest At City Hall Gathered More Than 1,000 Demonstrators

Here's the best roundup of the gathering wherein the Mayor of Kansas City once again took a knee to console a crying, young lady and then signed on to a pledge to work for KCPD local control . . . Checkit:

More than 1,000 protesters pack downtown Kansas City streets around City Hall

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Exactly one week after local demonstrations began, a powerful protest took over the steps of Kansas City's City Hall on Friday, then took over the streets of downtown. "We have work to do, y'all. We have to improve policing. Have to ensure we're building an intersectional master plan to preserve and [...]


Anonymous said...

Starting Monday won't all these loser have to go back to work?

Oh I'm sorry, they don't have jobs.

Anonymous said...

At KCMO you really don't need 1000 people to roll the elected clowns.
Just one person standing behind Lucas yelling BOO! would get him to wet his pants, fall to his knees, and give them pretty much anything they demand.
What a pitiful sight!

Anonymous said...

I guess all those SJW's in front of city hall were on a long lunch break yesterday from their "jobs". You could sure tell it was casual Friday.

Anonymous said...

Was there a free food giveaway that I didn’t hear anything about! Hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

If black lives matter then someone needs to tell that to the blacks who are killing their own race EVERYDAY in KC. Even when we voted in black leaders it hasn't let up. Can't you control your own people? Or you think you are better cause you wear suits.