Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Kansas City Bars & Restaurants Fight For Survival Against Regulated Industries

Here's a worthwhile missive offering insight into the continued complaints over 12th & Oak overnight amid a historic biz killing pandemic . . . Checkit:

Julep owner: KCMO liquor rules could drown bar-restaurants already struggling to reopen

"Restaurant and bars right now are facing an unprecedented crisis," said Beau Williams, detailing the struggles newly reopened businesses will face to meet minimum food sales to maintain a liquor license. "There's really no sense in adding another layer or another hurdle ... It's really driving people to the brink."


Anonymous said...

Lets see if these restaurant owners are smart enough to pull out of Kansas City.

Anonymous said...

^^^You weren’t. You’re still here. Fucking CHUD.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how the story doesn't mention how they operated illegally for many months. Westport had already met its threshold of bars in regards to density requirements. They knew they couldn't get the license they wanted so they applied for a different one knowing they couldn't meet the food requirements. Years later, they now want to plead with City Council using Covid as the reason. Bullshit.