Friday, June 05, 2020

Kansas City Ballet Dances Around Diversity

This local institution seemingly hopes to transition away from their elitist traditions . . . Here's their obligatory apology, possibly given whilst performing a knee bend grand pliƩ . . . Read more:

An Important Message from KC Ballet - KC Ballet

All Blog Posts Kansas City Ballet believes in the right for all to experience full equity and inclusion, regardless of race. Our hearts are deeply saddened for the losses across our country and the pain we have all witnessed. We stand united with hope for better, more just, and equitable days ahead.


Charlie Horse said...

2019 stats:
9 unarmed blacks killed by the police, some during commission of a crime.
19 unarmed whites killed by the police, some during commission of a crime.

Police are 19 times more likely to be killed by a black man than a white man.

If you have black or brown skin, your greatest chance of being killed is by a black man.

Those are the facts Jack.!!!

Anonymous said...


Yet another institution dominated and funded by wealthy White, personally conservative but publicly progressive, individuals feels the need to genuflect upon the demonic altar of the Liberal Democratic Party!!!