Saturday, June 20, 2020

Kansas City Art Scene Dominated By #BlackLivesMatter Social Justice Struggle

During the streetcar "creative class" epoch of former Mayor Sly James . . . Public art was mostly frivolous and had very little social impact . . . In the past few weeks, the art scene has focused on diversity and amplified protests on the street. Take a look:

New KC exhibit showcases brutality of racism

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - As Kansas Citians honor the end of slavery in the U.S. with Juneteenth, one way to celebrate is learning more about history. A new exhibit at the Black Archives of Mid-America in the Jazz District called "The Story's in the Soil" examines the horrors of racial discrimination and terror many black people experience following the war.


Anonymous said...

Right. What this country needs is more "artists" (really, propagandists). The cliche is "starving artists." Hope it's true.

Anonymous said...

leave this soil then, take your black ass back to momma africa

Anonymous said...

They spelled soul wrong! Artist who can’t spell is funny!

Anonymous said...

Ho about some "art" that lists the names of all the African-Americans who have been murdered by other blacks in KCMO over the last four years.
That's going to be right around 600 names.
Someone's going to have to donate a really big wall.

Charles Whitman said...

I didn't lynch anyone.
None of my ancestors lynched anyone.
No one that I know is somehow related to anyone who was lynched.
Very few people even know the name of at least one person who was lynched.
I refuse to say that all white people today own any racial atrocities of the past.
If SJWs can rewrite history, so can non-SJWs

Anonymous said...

Now showcase the murders committed by Blacks. Weird

Anonymous said...


According to the KCPD, as of June 19, there have been 84 homicides in KCMO.

62% of victims are Black males.

55 out of 69 identified suspects are Black males.

The Prosecutor's office is sitting on 16 cases. Jean Peters Baker does a poor job of prosecuting violent criminals and keeping the public safe from repeat offenders.

Marijuana is listed as a contributing factor in at least 4 homicides. Mayor Lucas is strongly pushing to decriminalize marijuana offenses.

Anonymous said...

Black complaint overload. Too many crying wolf aka racism has consequences. People are worn out and dont care anymore