Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Johnson County Coronavirus Contradiction: Golden Ghetto Doc Against Gloves

It's hard to argue with this one other than the fact that it opposes what we've heard so far and creates more confusion . . . Take a look:

Local health officials warn against gloves as COVID-19 preventive measure

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Johnson County Department of Health and Environment warned Wednesday that the general public and most restaurant employees shouldn't be wearing disposable gloves as a protective measure against the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, glove-wearing might actually make people less safe from the coronavirus.


Anonymous said...

good point. you have to change gloves and it's kind of an exercise.

Anonymous said...

You wear gloves when you pick up dog shit . You then don't wear them to eat.

Anonymous said...

How Quickly They Forget!

Back in mid-March, with a declared national emergency, KS Health officials did NOT suggest wearing facemasks. That only became a thing to do after the coronavirus had weeks/months to rapidly circulate through the population.

A recent study suggests that 60% of our population is likely immune to the virus due to previous exposure to similar coronaviruses.

Approximately 80% of coronavirus deaths occur among the elderly, and specifically those with already compromised health.

When you now go to the grocery store and other places, and observe nearly everyone wearing a mask, walking down 1-way shopping aisles, and clerks constantly spraying surfaces, it's a joke! If it makes you feel safer, then enjoy it, but the real purpose is not to keep you safe from a virus, but to infect your mind with behavioral conditioning.

The financial markets were ready to collapse in the 4th quarter of 2019. The coronavirus came along just in time to provide political cover. When the public was weary of the virus restrictions, along came the Minneapolis crisis and instant riots across the country. Such a coincidence!
Now with the latest from Atlanta, Americans are led to believe that if a Black man passes out in a Wendy's drive-thru lane, fails a sobriety test, resists arrest, assaults 2 officers, steals one of their Tasers, and fires the weapon at a pursuing officer, he's done nothing wrong! The Mayor of Atlanta is a fool and total embarrassment to the concept of professional municipal management. Corporate media which falsely reported this case from the beginning is a disgrace to any remaining semblance of journalism.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Excellent point. Good comment.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately 11:40, the progressive hive-mind does not allow for individual thought. The entire purpose of all of this garbage is a clarion call to the progs to begin their assaults on civil society, which they are doing with enthusiasm. Just as unfortunate, the will of the white male has been beaten down for generations resulting in people like me: I just want to work, pay my taxes, take care of my family. The thought of going out in physical and/or confrontation against the communist agitators is abhorrent. I'm more than capable of doing so, however, my family depends on me. Getting involved in any way against a court system costs me loads of money that directly affects my ability to care for them. Maybe there is some limit for us that will reawaken the greatness that we knew and used to set up the greatest society on the face of the Earth, defeat multitudes of enemies nearly singlehandedly when evil confronted the face of Earth. I don't know. I suspect it won't be until that evil is literally at my front door, and by then it's too late.

Anonymous said...

^^insert "mortal" after the and/or