Monday, June 15, 2020

Jackson County Slow To Share COVID-19 CARES ACT Cash Despite Continues Pleas

Local governments DESPERATELY need this cash for first-responders but continued debate betwixt the Legislature and the Exec's office have held up progress.

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Jackson County continues to drag feet disbursing CARES Act money

The biggest cities in Jackson County will have to wait a little longer to receive CARES Act funding, which had to first be funneled through the state of Missouri and now is tied up by red tape at the county level.


Anonymous said...

Frankie boy is scamming people out of much needed money, he’s only doled out around 61 million so far. What’s going on with the other 61 million and change? Effing clown gave two cities less than a $1000 bucks.... what the hell is wrong with this retard???

Anonymous said...

Frank is going to lynch as many of us as he can before he's out the door.

Anonymous said...

County legislature is a total joke.

Anonymous said...

I thought Schulte was going to fix the failed state of Jackson County's problems.

Anonymous said...

Where’s troy? Haven’t heard one word about him in months, did Frankie boy put the clamps on him?