Monday, June 01, 2020

Jackson County Settles Rape Lawsuit

Update on an ongoing human rights crisis without much more improvement in overall living and working conditions at the facility . . . Read more:

Woman raped in Jackson County jail four years ago gets $180,000 to drop lawsuit

Jackson County will pay $180,000 to settle the second of two lawsuits brought by two women who were raped nearly four years ago in the Regional Correctional Center by male inmates who'd gotten hold of a key to their cells.

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Anonymous said...

These women were in on small charges like DUI or something. Then they were anally raped. There was feces all over their cells. Let this be a lesson, even if you do a small crime, you will be housed with hardened criminal a few hundred feet away that would love to get at you. Dont do petty crime. it may come back on you.