Friday, June 12, 2020

Jackson County Exec Frank White Under Fire For Veto Of Coronavirus Hazard Pay

The courthouse honcho continues to confront problems working colleagues who have consistently called him out for a lack of cooperation.

Check the latest round in this ongoing fight with the Legislature:

County executive vetoes hazard pay ordinance for Jackson County workers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Jackson County Executive Frank White Jr. announced Friday that he was vetoing an ordinance passed last week by the county legislature regarding hazard pay for county workers related to the COVID-19 pandemic, because the payments violate state law.


Anonymous said...

A lot of things were done outside the law during the pandemic. That slimeball could have passed it and no one would have said anything.

Anonymous said...

“As the chief elected official of Jackson County, I have a responsibility to ensure the monies we received are used appropriately and that taxpayers are not on the hook for any reckless actions by elected officials”

LMAO this nigga's insane!

Anonymous said...

One of the most incompetent, malicious, and corrupt officials in the county's history , which is a very strong field.

Anonymous said...

All the while he was home in his foreclosed house hiding in the basement while he made his workers risk their lives.

Is he really that god damn stupid?

Kcmo paid their people $12.40 hazard pay a day while risking their lives everyday, that’s a insult to hard working people but at least it was something.

Anonymous said...

Someone please set up a GoFundMe to Defund Frank Whites position.

He gets the golden glove (and shower) for worst CE ever!

Let’s defund the worthless piece of craP.. in a loving way!

Anonymous said...

Jackson County can't afford this, not when they are paying Frank his fat salary, Caleb Clifford his fat salary and Troy Schultze his even fatter salary. Three guys making more a half-million dollars between them to do the job ONE OF THEM was elected to do.

Anonymous said...

8:22 I agree. If we have to pay for county administrator on top of county executive we don't need an executive anymore.