Friday, June 19, 2020

H&R Block Suffers Horrific COVID Tax Season

Along with a lot of people & biz, the cowtown corporate legacy took an incredible hit . . .

"Revenue dropped 14.7% to $2.64 billion this fiscal year, compared with $3.1 billion the prior year."

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Pandemic, extended tax season pummel H&R Block's earnings - Kansas City Business Journal

Kansas City-based H&R Block Inc. posted a 73.2% decline in earnings for its fiscal year ended April 30, due in large part to the federal government extending the tax filing deadline. The tax season typically concludes on April 15, before H&R Block's fiscal year ends.


Anonymous said...

The H&R Blockheads at H&R Block might have more customers if they didn't charge so much. TurboTax is much cheaper and just as good in most cases.

Anonymous said...

At least Micheal Sommers isnt parked in a office there, pretending its his company!