Feds Cracking Down In Meth Town

In normal times, this would be a HUGE story . . . But amid an ongoing pandemic, civil unrest and even conservatives considering the downfall of the Republic . . . This local corruption story has been mostly overlooked:

Federal grand jury subpoenas records from city of Independence

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - A federal grand jury has subpoenaed records of discussions that took place behind closed doors in Independence. Through an open records request to the city Monday, the I-Team learned the grand jury in March requested the minutes from three executive sessions. The three meetings under review are from Dec.


  1. I would investigate Eileen’s big luscious tits.

  2. Mayor and the majority of the council need to go, someone needs to continuously monitor what many people refer to as the "First Family". Remove the stunningly unqualified airhead matriarch from all City boards, commissions and what not. They need to pay the same rate of property tax on everything they own - just like we do. The level of corruption in Independence is stunning. And no one ever does anything about it. Hopefully if anyone has acted inappropriately, they will be fully prosecuted.

    1. So, the McClains and Blue Ridge Bank fam?

  3. Mayor "Boom-Boom" Weir is a dirty player set-up to continue the endemic corruption in Independence by federally-convicted "Hair Club For Men" spokesman Michael Sanders.

  4. Gay son sold drugs and stolen items all over Killa City, Misery for years, before going to Henderson, Nevada and starting over. Feds will get tire, and slow down, eventually.


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