Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Elitist Kansas City Amateur Urban Planners Slow Traffic Across The Nation

Middle-class middle-managers make their best effort to move beyond lives of quiet discontent and put their education and brilliance to work by way of impeding traffic. Tragically, their idea seems to be catching on . . . Checkit:

You Can Now Ask the City To Shut Down Your Street - D Magazine

Remember when someone suggested fairly early on during the COVID-19 lockdown that the city shut down Seventh St. in Oak Cliff to allow residents more space to run and stroll outside, since the Katy Trail and parks were clogged? That didn't work out too well.


Anonymous said...

what a great idea!

this and more should be tried.

how about halving streets, with half for bikers and walkers and the other half for one-way traffic?

Anonymous said...

more streetcars!

Mr schwin ... said...

That would be nice if bicyclist knew how to obey traffic laws. Until bicyclist starts paying a road tax they should not be allowed on the roads. Ride around in your neighborhood like your kids do. You don't have to spandex up and take to a roadway and can't even maintain a minimum speed limit as required. Instead of messing with public streets and structures why don't you get together a go fund me and have someone donate some land and build an Aerodrome Park!

Anonymous said...

I would never drive down those streets in Waldo and Brookside if it wasn't for the handmade road closed signs. Now I drive down them every chance I get just to piss off the people who put them up. I see it as a personal challenge.

Anonymous said...

And yet you seem challenged without the signs. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Spandex boy Bunch and his cult are plotting and planning.