DA Political Fight With Po-Po Continues In The Dotte

Glimpse at an ongoing dispute on the less glamorous side of the State Line . . . Checkit:

Wyandotte County DA Says Task Force Snub Wasn't Racist, But He's Still Fighting 'Good Old Boy Traditions'

Wyandotte County District Attorney Mark Dupree, the first African-American district attorney ever elected in Kansas, said Tuesday that he was shocked to learn he was the only law enforcement official left off a newly-formed county police community board. He doesn't think the move by Kansas City, Kansas, Mayor David Alvey was racist, but Dupree said he and Alvey certainly have different philosophies.


  1. I agree with the Mayor the DA should not be on the board.

  2. It's not because he's black. It's because he is an idiot.

  3. If you watch hat he does or listen to what he has to say, it's clear that he'd be "shocked" to learn that today is Wednesday.
    Where do these people come from?

  4. I'm 12:33
    Race has nothing to do with my thoughts I just think the prosecutors and law enforcement should stay separate operations without either being involved in the day to day operations of the other. LEO makes the arrests and the DA does the court thing.

    Does the DA want law enforcement officials on say a Prosecutors Community Board?

    These two fractions need to deal with their own issues at hand and not be involved in how things are ran in the others office. I'm sure the DA has his nose stuck in other areas that are not necessary for the operation of his office.

  5. DA Dupree sends recent Black law school graduate to court to try his first case. It's a murder trial. Acquittal on all charges!

  6. ^^^^Maybe Dupree made the new guy the scapegoat goat because his office screwed up the case.

  7. racism is tradition. not talking about where to put the salad fork

  8. Why would you want a black prosecutor? Who commits most violent offenses? Isn’t that like having a fox guard the henhouse?


  9. Wyandotte County, Keeping That Task Force on Police and Community Relations White--and Ineffective?--As Can Be


  10. Dupree is a turd

  11. Dupree repeatedly is open about his agenda and misuses his authority.

    Good for the mayor!!

  12. Several years ago, I observed that KCK might consider that it would be safer if it chose NOT to have a police department. Violence, extortion, subornation of perjury and false imprisonment -- and that's the cops!

    Of course the cops hate Dupree. He refuses to be their co-conspirator.


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