Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Chubby Kansas City Spiderman Saddened After Arrest Amid Country Club Plaza Protest

This local super hero shares a bit of all-too-human emotion with newsies following his adventures gone wrong . . . Read more:

Kansas City protester dressed like Spider-Man says moment with mayor tarnished after arrest

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A lot of powerful images coming out of the recent protests in Kansas City. One of them came Monday night, when a young man dressed as Spider-Man made an impassioned plea to Kansas City, Mo. Mayor Quinton Lucas, to join them and march.


Anonymous said...

Super man, dope man, spider man, gimmick man, baby daddy not so man.. all comic book characters. Not Lawyer, doctor or accountant. Mostly the dope man and shit stained cheap sagging underwear man.

Anonymous said...

He admits they didn’t obey the police and then he gets mad he went to jail? Stupid. Fat. Fuckwad.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't Rex Archer arresting all of them for violation of social distancing? Isn't the whole bullshit narrative that COVID hits blacks more? Obviously, they don't give a fuck about themselves or each other. But then I think we all knew that.

Anonymous said...

A colored Spider-Man in a paddy wagon...that is RICH! Was he trying to scale the walls of Popeyes?