Saturday, June 06, 2020

Children's Mercy Medical Workers Bend Knee For #BlackLivesMatter After Kansas City Police Union Denounce Fake News E-Mail

Police union leaders recently launched a media attack following what they called a "stupid post" from a Children's Mercy Hospital media staffer.

Executives for the organization apologized and claimed the email contained links to resource articles that were not properly vetted.

However, today's protest action speaks far more loudly than the news quote and offers a glimpse at the political leanings of this beloved local institution.


Medical professionals take knee outside Children's Mercy for George Floyd

Dozens of medical professionals gathered outside Children's Mercy Hospital in support of Black Lives Matter. For 8 minutes and 46 seconds, medical professionals took a knee while social distancing outside the hospital.


Anonymous said...

Very hard to win a pr battle with a children's hospital. Not really worth trying. People who criticize always come off like the bad guy.

Anonymous said...

This is unbelievable. Are they taking a knee for the cop in St Louis that BLM killed? But yet they salute a guy who held a knife to a women and robbed her? I can't believe anyone would put their child in the hands of these people.

And they will call evil good and good evil.

Tracy Thomas said...

Looks like a Steven Spielberg movie when the aliens invade.

Or a Taliban rally.

Or salute to Hitler.

I think it's creepy. But then, I think ALL Lives Matter.

Somehow the exercise of too much force, a knee on a carotid artery--has been coopted and flipped as a meme to represent FEALTY to a group. And anyone who doesn't salute their ill-conceived strategy to DEFUND the police is now called a racist.

Well, I'm not a racist. So get your jackboots off MY neck. Stop shaming people. You've become a cult.

When police are defunded, and there is crime at your home, who ya gonna, call? Ghostbusters???

And as for the Mpls. schools saying they want nothing to do with the police, well then hire your own damn security force to stop suicidal kids from shooting up the schools. DARE officers were the ESSENCE of good community policing, you ninnies. Paid by your city's police, so you didn't have to hire or train them.

When Air BnB homeowners have short term tenants who violate the rules and throw a rager, who ya gonna call to write up the insurance report? (AirBnB donated $500k to BLM Fdn.)

A long list of white guilt orgs sending BLM Fdn money for their "Defund the Police" strategy.

Who knows for sure? Maybe the next sponsors will be the NRA, cuz more guns and ammo will be sold to people now for sure.

The other major beneficiary will be realtors. The NAR, National Association of Realtors. Because even in this metro, just what would be the point of living in over-taxed, under policed KCMO especially Jackson County? The suburbs will blossom thanks to BLM Fdn.

Anonymous said...

Fuck childrens mercy

Anonymous said...

My neighbors little girl had spina bifida and she was in and out of the hospital often with lots of surgeries. I went to see her at Children's Mercy and that place was filthy. I was in there for a pretty long time and no one ever came in to see her to give her water nothing. They had given her a pain pill and she was very sick and throwing up because of it and no one ever came to check on her. Think twice before you take your child there. I wouldn't trust them with the Hippocratic oath if they find out you are a Trump supporter.

Anonymous said...

+1000 to Tracy.

Have not heard enough from you lately.

Anonymous said...

They are about at the right level to suck my dick. That is all they're good for.

Anonymous said...

Looks like about all that's more contagious than CoVid 19 is cowardice, virtual signaling, and outright stupidity.
Everywhere you look!
Just pitiful.

Anonymous said...

Tracy, the outrage at Floyd's murder is justfied, the outrage at the assaultbof the old man is justfied, and the concern about an increasingly militarized police force is warranted. There are over 132,000 federal employees armed and with police powers. A concern about a government overreaching and staffing up for fiat rule used to be a conservative position, when did that change?

That said, defunding LOCAL police is an illogical solution (the feds are a different matter, there are way too many feds ready to do bad things). A reasonable solution includes changing the priorities of local police spending (more community officers, better oversight, etc.) combined with a demilitarization of local forces.

Anonymous said...

Hey 8:45 - Go eat a Snickers

Anonymous said...

Some of those recommendations for local policing in general, and the KCMO department in particular are quite sound.
But why haven't any of them been suggested or implemented before?
The mayor's on the police board and the council regularly has had a council committee specifically focused on public safety.
The sad fact is that KCMO mayors and council members aren't even interested enough in the actual responsibilities of municipal government to learn enough about how city departments are operated to even make believe they can provide well-informed oversight.
And please save us the "local control" bit.
They don't know any more about the water department, infrastructure, zoning, business licensing, or much of anything else.
Organizations get their cues from the top and you get more of what are clearly the high priorities of management.
Stop electing amateurish fake celebrity wannabee politicos and find some folks who are actually interested in local government.
Anything else is just moving around boxes in an organization chart.

Anonymous said...

I only bow down to God. Bowing down to anything of this earth is worshiping false idols. God called these false idols "wind and confusion" and even gillulim, meaning "pellets of dung."

Anonymous said...


When medical staffers at Children's Mercy showed no reservation in violating professional integrity, they swore to the Hypocrite Oath!!!

Anonymous said...

Would somebody please post what Chilluns Mercy said that pissed everyone off? Before it gets disappeared?

Anonymous said...

After taking a knee, the Children's Mercy doctors got in their Mercedes and drove home to Mission Hills.

Anonymous said...

If the Children's Mercy doctors are sincere, they would provide free medical service to the destitute and reduce their salaries so parents can afford health care for their children.

Oath: Do No Harm said...

Their 'Do No Harm' oath is out the window. Encouraging people not to call the police, IS HARM.

AND shouldn't the medical staff be doing THEIR JOBS for the kids instead of running around outside and putting out emailed lies?