Beware Of Kansas City Fake Antifa

From what we've seen there has been a lot of fighting among the protest crowd over this weekend over personal beef AND demonstrator motivations.

One more example:

CBS: Twitter says fake "Antifa" account was run by white supremacists

Developing . . .


  1. Yes the white supremacists were out acting like ANTIFA. There is a reason for this and I'm not going to say why but I hope they got the information they needed.

    1. The reason you won't say why is because you have no fucking clue,go back to jacking off to trannies on Chaturbate.

  2. Dear god, the fake news media will stop at nothing to blame whitey, with all the blacks witnessed on tv stealing, rioting, burning down cities somehow white supremacist are to blame. Wow.

  3. 7:08 they had their blackface on so no one would know who they were or what they were up to. Brilliant!

  4. Klan arrives in town tonight.

  5. ^^They’ve already been in the White House for three years so...,,

  6. You mean to say the kiddie corps marchers got tricked into allowing thugs and criminals to infiltrate their ranks?
    And they never knew?
    The naivete of these children never ceases to amaze.
    And now John Legend wants to defund the police departments. Looks like high solid walls and private security are his answer.
    What about everybody else?

  7. Eddie Spaghetti6/2/20, 8:12 PM

    CBS = Jew Bullshit

  8. The Reichstag is burning.

  9. Old news. TKC commenters posted about alt right Proud Boys and Boogaloo Bois staging the violence several days ago.

    Trump's people are creating the violence and looting, and then take credit for putting it down.

  10. 8:28 another left wing nut looney conspiracy theorist right there people..... don’t look up, the black helicopters are looking for you, oh and don’t forget your tin foil hat, they’re reading your mind! Bwahaha!

  11. ^^So what?

  12. ^^ so what???

  13. The MAGA people - that cling to beliefs that a soon to be arrested secret Kenyan Muslim homosexual president that married a man has orchestrated attacks on Trump's campaign and George Soros is paying protestors - are now claiming a documented white supremacist twitter account is actually a tinfoil hat conspiracy???

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! The GOP is a party of stable geniuses!

  14. Trumptards, bless their hearts.

    You guys still clinging to the "George Soros is running all this and passing out cash" bullshit narrative? Easiest marks a grifter could ask for. It's no wonder former lefties like Diamond and Silk and moderates like Tomi go hard right. It's cash money in the bank. Dumbfucks eat that shit up.


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