Apologizing For Privilege In The Pitch

It might not be journalism, but here's just a bit of white guilt following violent protest in Kansas City and throughout the nation . . . Read more:

Viewing the protests from a lifetime of privilege

Protesters on the Plaza. // Photo by Jim Nimmo I feel physically ill tonight. The subject of race has been the topic of a lot of discussions that I have had this last week with so many different people from so many different backgrounds. Old friends, family members, neighbors, and so many others.


  1. I refuse to accept the idea that somehow I, a white person, am the cause or are responsible for the problems of the black community. I refuse the notion that I, By virtue of the fact that I have gone about my life, pursuing my education, degree, career, interests and livelihood and so on - not getting in trouble with the law, living within my means and with personal responsibility - have somehow caused the destructive social conditions of the “minority community”.

    I’m not among those committing 100+ homicides each year, dealing drugs, robbing stores, and burning the city down when something like this happens.

    “White Privilege” is nothing more than a form of race-bating propaganda.

  2. Great Article!!!!!

  3. Any black person who can manage the bare minimum of staying out of prison and staying in school will rise way above any white person doing the same...that's privilege.

    Blacks are used to preferential treatment and therefor, when they are treated equally it feels like oppression.

    Blacks blaming whites for their own failures is black fragility.

    Blacks need their own leader to talk the truth to them, but there is little money in that for the race baiters n hucksters.

  4. I'll trade every straight white male privilege I have for whatever privilege oprah's not using today. How many other countries have self made black female billionaires?


  5. B L M - Black Lies Matter! --to the Democrat pols who need to keep blacks on their plantation

  6. My privileged white ass is tired from working my ass off for the last 45 years, (and I can’t quit anytime soon) raising a family and sending my kids to college. Privileged my ass.

    Black people don’t work for 45 minutes, raise their own kids, that’s granma’s job and they get to go to college because someone else paid for it.

    Who’s privileged again?

  7. 6:49 wins .

  8. 7:28 How dare you make a good point. You should me ashamed.

  9. 7:07 basically summed up the whole ballgame.

  10. Byron Funkhouser6/2/20, 8:27 PM

    ^^And yet, he's completely wrong.

    Only white people deny the existence of white privilege.

    Embrace the madness, you are a racist. Not the blacks - you.

  11. 8:27 what’s it feel like to be completely wrong about everything, what’s wrong with you. Are you sick in the head or something? Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you?

  12. Byron is a loon. I like loons, they are beautiful birds that have a wonderful call. Byron is a totally different type of loon.

  13. Just get a job of some sort, work hard, live frugally and don't break the law -- that's the recipe for a decent life for most people of all colors. It's not easy, but life wasn't designed to be easy. Being called lazy was about the worst thing anyone could call you from where I'm from.

  14. I checked my white privilege. It's still there.


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