Tuesday, June 30, 2020

ACLU Targets Kansas City After #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Arrested

Ongoing municipal misdemeanor allegations and justice or lacktherof . . . Read more:

ACLU sues Kansas City on behalf of three protesters

The ACLU of Missouri and a local law firm are suing Kansas City on behalf of three protesters who were arrested and charged with violating two city ordinances while demonstrating over the death of George Floyd.Kansas City police arrested more than 200 nonviolent protesters in May and June for violating ordinances, which criminalize the "failure to obey" law enforcement orders.


Anonymous said...

I say we sue the ACLU for not suing the politicians who didn't stop these protesters or control them like they should have.

Anonymous said...

Who is the local law firm why are they not pointed out?

Super Dave said...

Stinson Law Firm

Anonymous said...

^^^ libtard Commie cucks.