Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Workers Comp Claim Filed For Kansas City Nurse Who Died Of Coronavirus After Lack Of PPE At Research Medical Center Alleged

Today marks International Nurses Day and while locals celebrate these frontline workers, there's ongoing concern about a lack of gear to support their life saving mission.

Here's today's deadly example:

Fox4: Family of Research nurse who died from COVID-19 files claim for death benefits


"The family of a Research Medical Center nurse who died from the coronavirus filed a claim for death benefits Monday under Missouri’s workers’ compensation laws.

"Her family, attorneys and the National United Nurses Union contend she died because she and other nurses at the hospital didn’t have adequate personal protective equipment while caring for patients with the coronavirus."

Developing . . .

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Anonymous said...

HCA should be ashamed of the filthy conditions of Research Hospital that poor Medicaid and Medicare patients get shuttled to.

The nurses are wonderful but it is obvious the administrative executives are only concerned about profits. Otherwise, the Executives would clean up the hospital and create a clean and safe environment for the nurses and patients.