Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Wordy Kansas City Public Television Report On Coronavirus Tests TKC's Patience

1,500 words along with graphs and there's really NOTHING useful from this report.

Here's the money line that offers some insight into the soul of this frustrated scribe who got bored writing up this hot garbage:

"So, given all the uncertainties and questions surrounding the COVID-19 measuring sticks, perhaps we are all just like leaves carried along by a stream. The destination is uncertain."

Read more or don't but remember this sketchy "journalism" when "viewers like you" donate . . . And then request a Downton Abbey revival instead . . .

Testing In The Middle of the Pandemic Riddle For Kansas City

It started with a drip. News came from Washington state in late January that the United States had its first confirmed case of COVID-19. Word of the new coronavirus had been filtering out of China for weeks. A steady stream of warnings at the national and international levels soon followed.


Here's a more useful link from The Pitch:

Here’s how to get a COVID-19 test in Kansas City


Anonymous said...

Whats really on the nose and throat swabs?

Anonymous said...

The notion that everyone needs to be tested is simply nonsensical. If we tested every single American in this country at this moment, we’d have to test them an hour later and an hour later after that, because at any moment you could theoretically contract this virus.

Anonymous said...

The whole testing idea is already becoming a for profit racket.

Anonymous said...

The armchair epidemiologists chiming in from their sofas this morning.

Real nice job boys.

Anonymous said...

^^Typical trumptards. They listen to purposeful disinformation from the state-run media they're beholden to, and all of a sudden thy're pandemic specialists. Comical.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The only upside to this is that celebrities will soon be just like the rest of us - broke.

Mo Rage said...

"Wordy Kansas City Public Television Report On Coronavirus Tests TKC's Patience"


What? You mean they didn't summarize in two 10 word sentences?


Mo Rage said...

And no one is saying "everyone needs to be tested."

Just the ones who have been or think they've been exposed.

We aren't remotely close to testing even only those who need to be tested. Not remotely.

And to 9:48---Wow. "State-run media"? KCPT? Really? Clearly you're not a viewer, have never watched, aren't remotely familiar with it.

But yes, thanks for chiming in.

Speaking of something you know nothing of.