Monday, May 04, 2020

With Covid Closing Schools, Watch Out For More Youngsters On Kansas City Streets

Tragic crash today and a reminder to keep an eye out for students our of school early during the lockdown . . . Read more:

5-year-old critically injured after being hit by truck in northeast KCMO

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A five-year-old boy is reportedly in critical condition after being hit by a truck near Morrell Avenue and Monroe Avenue Sunday evening. Officers were called to the scene shortly after 5:30 p.m. Police said a grey Dodge Ram 1500 was eastbound on Morrell Avenue, approaching Monroe Avenue.


slow the fuck down said...

slow the fuck down

Harold Eugene Johnson said...

COVID-19 must have more than one form. It spent too much time in hospitals, watching dumb-down television and learned how to change shape, which enabled it to score another point.