Tuesday, May 26, 2020


We talked about more insight into the confrontation betwixt the Courthouse & the KCPD.

And here it is . . .



TKC READER: Jean Baker's actions put public safety at risk:

"Baker is engaging in a dangerous blame-game with KCPD. She is playing fast and loose with the law as she preens for the media in her attempt to cast herself as the “woke” prosecutor. The fallout for public safety could be enormous if the entire police department comes to believe that Baker is willing to throw them under the bus at the first opportunity to pump her media clicks at their expense. 

"This is compounded by the fact that Baker is simply misleading everyone about her need for a so-called “probable cause statement” to do her job. In this particular case, a misdemeanor filing, a probable cause statement was completely NOT NECESSARY as they are needed for FELONIES ONLY. (Rule 22.03). Furthermore, in county’s every day across Missouri, local prosecutors draft and write their own P.C. statements. Baker, and her office, have lazily become accustomed to the local police departments drafting P.C. statements for them as a courtesy, but that does not excuse her from needing to do her damn job. 

"Her unwarranted public petulance and posturing on this matter are more than just a media side-show. Baker is gambling the good-will and relationships forged over decades between the two offices: Relationships necessary to protect the public from those that would do us harm. However, Baker would rather focus on her own political interests."

22.03. Felonies - Statement of Probable Cause - Contents

A statement of probable cause must be in writing and shall:

(a) State the name of the defendant or, if not known, designate the defendant by any name or description by which the defendant can be identified with reasonable certainty;

(b) State the date and place of the offense as definitely as can be done;

(c) State the facts that support a finding of probable cause to believe an offense was committed and that the defendant committed it;

(d) If a warrant will be requested, state the facts, if any, that support a finding of reasonable grounds to believe the defendant will not appear upon a summons or the defendant poses a danger to a crime victim, the community, or any other person;

(e) State the facts contained therein are true; and

(f) Be signed and on a form bearing notice that false statements made therein are punishable by law.

(Adopted June 13, 1979, eff. Jan. 1, 1980. Amended June 10, 1980, eff. Jan. 1, 1981; Jan. 28, 2002, eff. Jan. 1, 2003; Dec. 18, 2018, eff. July 1, 2019.)

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Anonymous said...

Nailed it.

This is the problem when the prosecutor is an elected official AND the Missouri Democratic Party chair.

The conflicts should be obvious. I guess the newspaper overlooked them.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what her deal is. She has a Republican challenger in the election, but the lady challenger is a total retard. Seriously, look her up. She's a bonafide retard. Mean Jean is just doing this to be a dick.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of one person that likes Peterenvy, yet she is in power. Weird

Anonymous said...

Jean Petersucker Baker constantly puts the public at risk with her incompetence and unwillingness to prosecute criminals. Jean Petersucker Baker is worthless.

Anonymous said...

Jean is not worthless. Just ask any criminal.

Anonymous said...

Homicides increase dramatically in Kansas City so the Democrat Prosecuting Attorney attacks the police department.

Typical Democrat Party logic.

Anonymous said...

Leftists destroy everything they touch. Our entire civilization will be laid waste for the virtue signaling and ignorance of the typical Democrat voter.

Anonymous said...

Public safety has always been “at risk” but it has nothing to do with Jean Peters. No. The Police undertake irresponsible perspectives and positions (bias) and use that to “build trust” and it flat out doesn’t work. Police inaction or bad behavior undermines public safety. Holding officers accountable establishes boundaries and is the building block of trust - that police don’t have carte blanche authority to behave as they see fit. Deal with it.

Unknown said...

Holding people accountable does not put KCPD at risk. However, this non enforcement of property laws does. It creates a sense of entitlement that encourages criminals to take greater risks. That is a prosecutorial failure.

Anonymous said...