Sunday, May 17, 2020

The Kansas City Sunday Morning News Look

We start this Sunday with a quick look news from Kansas City and across the nation and share some of the most important news stories that inspire us right now . . .

Cowtowon COVID Playbook: Coronavirus in KC - The latest resources and how to keep your family safe during outbreak

Another Peek At The Downtown Party Restarting: Kansas City Power & Light District announces reopening plan for some businesses

One Set Of Captives Watches Another: Kansas City Zoo welcomes back visitors

KCK Smoke On The Water Rescue: Kansas City, Kansas man escapes from boat fire on Lake of the Ozarks


Leslie Wexner gives up the reins at struggling Victoria’s Secret

Real Life Spending Spree Amid Lockdown: Reality star allegedly spent $1.5 million from federal small business program on jewelry, Rolls-Royce

Local Fanboys Compare And Aspire: Comparing KC Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes to Peyton Manning for first 31 games

Pop Diva Rejects Internets Extortion: Lady Gaga’s law firm refuse to pay $40 million ransom after singer’s files leaked by hackers

Prez Trump Confronts Bipartisan Outcry Over Firings And Democracy

Senator Mitt Romney denounces multiple IG firings by President Trump as 'threat to accountable democracy'

WHO Knows About Big Money Solving Disputes: Trump may restore some WHO funding after widespread criticism but no final decision made yet

Prez Trump Pushes Obamagate Clap Back: Trump tells McConnell 'time is running out' for him to hold Russia 'hoaxers' accountable

Local Arts Community Inspired To Help: Arts Organizations Provide Financial Help to Artists Navigating the “Crazy Storm” of COVID-19

Kansas City Sunday Inspired: Partly sunny, comfortable for your Sunday

Al Green - When The Gates Swing Open is the Sunday song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Obama was much better than Trump. But not like you think.

Anonymous said...

Obama funded terrorists. Obama hates white people, Obama put small business out of business, Obama had the muslim brotherhood as guests in the WH Obama was playing golf during that devastating hurricane and Trump had to do Obama's job even before Obama left the WH. And what's funny is your idiots voted for him twice. Did you not know he hates this country and you? Where's that money Obama gave Iran that disappeared and no one knows where it went? Where's Rev. Wright and his anti white anti American hate speeches the Obama's sat and listened to every Sunday? Obama was a dictator by making people pay a penalty for not having insurance. That's what dictators do. Obama is and always will be an American hater along with his ugly angry wife and his daughter who is an exhibitionist and dates drug dealers. Looks like Obama taught his daughter well didn't he? You democrats are dirty pieces of gutter crap.

Anonymous said...

Willard Romney is just a country club republican, the kind HST despised. The JOKER can't come to grips with the fact he will NEVER be POTUS.

Anonymous said...

Do the curtains match the drapes?

Anonymous said...

7:26: Have you taken your dose of Clorox today?

Anonymous said...

^^ Have you? You sound like it.

Anonymous said...

Many posts here are a little bit true and a little bit false, but 7:26...
Every sentence is a lie. Go drink your Clorox and join the crowd at your favorite bar, you covidiot.

Anonymous said...


During a break in the photoshoot, the Angels discussed if Victoria's Secret referred to Wexner and Epstein's human trafficking business!!!

Anonymous said...

Since TDS has turned Willard into a frothing Democrat, including his name with a bunch of other Democrats does not make anything bipartisan.

The ironic thing about this latest kerfluffle is that the State Department went without an IG for all of Hillary's time as Secretary of State allowing her to get by with her home-brewed e-mail server while avoiding a real inquiry into the events in Benghazi.

Hmmm...I guess she just got lucky.

Anonymous said...

^^^How's the cult treating you? Did you join to try and bang a chic or are you just that fucking stupid? Dumb question, we know the answer.