Sunday, May 10, 2020

Taco John's Stays Winning Kansas City

Great news for the coming era of lower expectations, discount cuisine and connoisseurs of stoner food.

A local taco shack is ready to expand as we emerge from the pandemic.

More deets here for subscribers:

Why Taco John's wants to cook up more locations in KC market - Kansas City Business Journal

The Covid-19 pandemic hasn't swayed Taco John's expansion plans, including for the Kansas City market. In fact, it's bolstered them. The Wyoming-based Mexican fast-food chain views Kansas City as a wide open market that could support the development of 15 restaurants over the next three to five years, Brooks Speirs, vice president for franchise development, told the Kansas City Business Journal.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, ask Taco Bueno how well their expansion worked for them.
This town already has plenty of real, Mom and Pop Mexican restaurants, and every fast food joint in town offers tacos and burritos.

Anonymous said...

They need to hurry up

I'm fucking tired of taco bell and Taco Bueno only has 1 location

Extra Crispy Colonel said...

I thought "taco John" was slang for transgender male.

Anonymous said...

^^^ No, that's an "Extra Crispy Colonel".

Anonymous said...

2:31 --

Are you sure there's a Taco Bueno left? If so, which one is it? I thought they all shut down in KC recently.

Anonymous said...

Loved Taco Bueno.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Back to Olathe,95th street and Metcalf Ave. area.