Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Show-Me Execution Of Convicted Missouri Killer Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Big picture perspective on life and death in the time of plague . . . Here's a roundup of the state exercising its authority effectively in a high profile case that restarts the problematic capital punishment debate . . . Checkit:

Missouri carries out first execution since coronavirus outbreak began

A Missouri man was put to death by injection Tuesday for the fatal stabbing of an 81-year-old woman nearly three decades ago, the first U.S. execution since the coronavirus pandemic took hold. Walter Barton, 64, had long maintained he was innocent of killing Gladys Kuehler, and his case was tied up for years due to appeals, mistrials and two overturned convictions.


Anonymous said...

Too bad.
I was going to try to spring him. I need a date for the weekend.

Anonymous said...


Thanks to the virus, there are lots of prison executions going on now. Everyone has been upgraded to potential death sentences.

Anonymous said...

I wish somebody would add up how much this POS has cost taxpayers over the years. If the death penalty is expensive, it's only because SJW lawyers file appeals with every court in the land including their neighborhood tennis court. Make justice swift and sure - one expedited appeal, then execution.

Anonymous said...

He claimed he was innocent to the last second. Still in denial. Hope he made amends with God.

Anonymous said...

I'm pro-death penalty and this guy had grounds to not be executed. I think the woman was stabbed like 20 times and he had just one drop of blood on him. Seems odd to me.