Thursday, May 14, 2020

Show-Me Execution Chamber Reopened

EXCEPTIONAL report on a tragic and contradictory aspect of the reopen.

Money line:

"If Missouri kills Barton on May 19, it will be the first execution to move forward amid a global pandemic that until now has forced the country’s death machinery to a halt."

Read more:

Reopening Missouri Amid the Pandemic Means Executing a Possibly Innocent Man

In the years he spent living under a death sentence in Missouri, Mark Gill occasionally chatted with Walter Barton about what they would do if they ever got out of prison. "His thing was, he wanted to go fishing," Gill remembered. "He wanted to watch the sun come up and go fishing all day."


Anonymous said...

He’s white. They wont kill him,

Anonymous said...

Scumbag traitorous Deplorables should all be fast-tracked to the front of the execution line.

Anonymous said...


I'm a deplorable come and get me ass wipe.

Anonymous said...

^^Sure thing CHUD. Where can I find you?

Anonymous said...

We know where we can find you, Chimpy! Lol

Anonymous said...

Seems like it would be reasonable to delay this and I'm a proponent of the death penalty. Better yet, save us some tax money and just convert it to life without parole.