Thursday, May 28, 2020

Rigged Kansas City Streetcar Riverfront Extension Suffers Cutbacks

This is part of the TOY TRAIN EXTENSION THAT PLANNERS NEVER BOTHERED TO PUT BEFORE VOTERS AT ALL and it mostly serves as a reminder that PortKC is a very sketchy public/private enterprise. Thankfully, they're scaling back this ripoff . . . Here's the only relevant detail stolen from a hack promo blog:

The revised $20.2 million proposal, which calls for $6 million in local funding and $14.2 million from the U.S. Department of Transportation BUILD program, calls for the line to end near the foot of the Grand Viaduct and would build a single “West Station.”

Here's more about the questionable real estate scheme:

KC Streetcar | Riverfront Extension

The KC Streetcar Riverfront Extension project will extend the mobility and economic development benefits of the Kansas City Streetcar to a long-dormant area near downtown - catalyzing economic development and job creation. Click here to learn more about the team's efforts to apply for the 2020 Build Grant funding.


Anonymous said...

How To Rig Mail In Elections And Build A Streetcar

Anonymous said...

Election hell. They push through anything without an election. Never forget the Paseo.

Anonymous said...

Rigged again and no body voted for this

Anonymous said...

^^and yet only 6 geezers are crying about it. Weird.

Anonymous said...

I love the streetcar and can't wait until it goes all the way from the plaza to the river.

Anonymous said...

And then into the river. And stays there.