Sunday, May 10, 2020

Resolved: Kansas City Chiefs Fanboys Must Finally Pardon Tony Gonzalez

Really impressive essay offers hope that football fanatics have had a moment to put the game in perspective and possibly understand that sports are intended to unite people in search of excellence rather than create livelong rivalries and vendettas.

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Kansas City Chiefs fans need to forgive Tony Gonzalez

I would like to start this off by saying you have every right to feel any way you want about Tony Gonzalez and the infamous " Atlanta made my career " comment. However, we should at least try and forgive the Pro Football Hall of Famer and Chiefs Ring of Honor member.


Anonymous said...

Tony Gonzalez who ?

Oh yeah, Carl Peterson's son.

Loved those three and out drives back in the day when the Chiefs would throw 4 yard button hooks to Gonzales.

Multiple service industry owners and employees that had conducted business with Gonzalez shared that he was an egotistical jerk.

Gonzalez is a self-proclaimed Atlanta Falcon, we have Travis Kelce, Jonathan Hayes and Freddy Arbanas to celebrate.

Ironic that Gonzalez dissed the Chiefs a year before they won the Super Bowl. I bet he wished he could have taken that back so he could associate with a winner for once.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Tony he was a prima donna crybaby.

Anonymous said...

Do we now? Does it really affect our lives in any meaningful way, my opinion on Tony?

Anonymous said...

+1 ^^^

Porker Steve said...

And Keith Cash!