Monday, May 18, 2020

Rep. Sharice Davids Talks Vote Against Speaker Nancy Pelosi's COVID-19 New Deal

Aftermath look at a weekend shopping list that includes the biggest free money giveaway in American history . . . Read more:

Rep. Sharice Davids defends vote against Democratic relief package

KANSAS CITY, MO (AP) - Rep. Sharice Davids of Kansas says she was among the few Democrats to vote against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's $3 trillion coronavirus relief bill because it faces a such a small chance of making it through the Republican-controlled Senate.


Anonymous said...

Even at Nancy's advanced age she still enjoys a pooper full of pork.

Anonymous said...

show vote

Anonymous said...

Rare crickets from the conservatives. Normally just posting her name would trigger the MAGA folks into a fury of homophobic and misogynistic slurs.

Again, Davids proved she isn't a liberal socialist commie.

Davids wins by 10 in November.