Our blog community effort at journalism from one of our KICK-ASS TKC READERS given that local news doesn't really like asking tough questions of biz during this historic pandemic depression.

TKC Reader Asks: Will opening be delayed? Are you reviewing plans with potential tenants?

The Mission Gateway Honcho Replies: "Who is this that might be inquiring?"

Meanwhile, nearby residents don't have much confidence that a a multiplex movie theater, zip line course, escape room, restaurant combination and a dining hall across the street will have much success any time soon given the "new normal" as coronavirus still threatens locals.

You decide . . .


  1. Movie Plex , zip line, escape room..... name three things that are already dead fads. Think of all the revenue lost because the Mission Mall was not just updated.

  2. this project needs an exorcism.

  3. Ever since the Clarette Club closed the Mission cops have been bored at night. Now with a discount mutiplex with TONS of WY and Missouri License plates rolling through they will have a feast... if it happens. It is an architectural travesty.

  4. The good part for the developer is that with all of the government corona-cash floating around, he stands to make a bundle from this project. Without even opening the doors.


  5. If ever there were a mistaken, misguided construction project teardown and rebuild, it's this Mission Gateway clusterf*ck.

    A handsome, if dated, appropriately constructed building and facility torn down at the wrong time, just before the 2008 financial meltdown and rebuilding---however so ever slowly--before and now during the worst, most killing international pandemic in 100+ years.

    And the new building is, no question, ugly. Ugly ugly.

    What a mess.


  6. And oh yeah, we all want to go to a restaurant in a facility where there's a multiplex movie theater, a zip line course and escape room.

    Oh, yeah.

    Everyone from Mission Hills and Fairway and Westwood will be flocking to it/them.

    They should give up, tear down what they've already built and hand over the land to the city, to Mission, to make a park out of it all.

    In short, be realistic.

  7. Geographically that land has been trying to return to being a lake as god intended for 70 years, it will win.

  8. Mission is a arm pit city. Example : Beamer's Bar in Mission was a gross old converted gas station owned by a guy that had many lawsuits against him and so many people he owed money too. People who worked there stole money from the registers and poured many extra drinks for their friends, thats the only reason I went in. Free Jack Daniels and other premium drinks from the day it opened till the week it shut down. Got a bit of pot there once in a while and it was fun to watch the old ladies acting young....was it Donna and her Mom in there trying to pick up a man wearing any uniform...even a HVAC uniform! I did save thousands in drinks over the years, but there are no good bars down there...Mission Kansas is a has been area


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