Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Overland Park Hero Cop Shot Dead Earned Historic Drive-by Tribute Today

The scene today as JoCo turned out en masse to pay tribute to a fallen officer. Read more:

Hundreds Of Mourners Drive By To Remember Slain Overland Park Police Officer

Hundreds drove slowly past the open coffin of Overland Park officer Mike Mosher Tuesday afternoon, some weeping and some saluting. Police officers and sheriff's deputies stood guard on the coffin of the 15-year department veteran who was killed May 4. With the threat of the spreading coronavirus, mourners were limited to driving by the visitation.


Bubbles said...

Its crazy how some professions get this kind of attention when a worker dies in the line of duty. Thousands of people die in the line of duty in jobs everyday, but they don't get this kind of recognition. He was a cop, he was doing his job, what makes him more special than the guy who died digging a trench that caved in on him? What makes him more special than the pilot who did his job, yet the maintenance crew screwed up, which caused the plane to crash, what funeral procession of 200 police vehicles have you seen when a city bus driver of 20 years died of cardiac arrest? Its all Bullshit!! If you have a job, you can die at home or on the job...only God knows where and when you will!

Anonymous said...

^^Get this CHUD...nobody cares whether YOU live or die. You've never sacrificed anything for anybody. That's the difference. You're a jealous, bitter, busted broken fool. Now get your fucking shinebox. You're dismissed!

Anonymous said...

@3:59AM. You sound like a total waste of a human being. My guess is you are still in mourning over your boyfriend, Michael Jackson, passing away.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 3:59. this guy isn’t a hero for doing his job nor being injured as a result of not following procedure. Sorry he lost his life but he’s not a hero for being dead or alive on the job.