Thursday, May 28, 2020

Outrage Erupts Against JoCo Commish Ed Eilert Allegedly Ruling By Decree

New coronavirus recommendations are VOLUNTARY AND DON'T HAVE TO BE FOLLOWED . . .

Johnson County adopts Phase 3 of state reopening plan as unenforceable recommendation

Here's a deep dive into today's drama:

Johnson County commission meeting devolves into autocracy - The Sentinel

Autocracy is a system of government by one person with absolute power, and there were times in today's Johnson County Commission meeting when Chairman Ed Eilert acted as though he could make up the rules at his discretion.


Anonymous said...

What about nursing homes?

Anonymous said...

It's confusing but if voluntary guidelines are being issued, that seems fine.

Education should be on-going.

Anonymous said...

JoCo should get ready for a potential second wave, with a plan for broad testing and ppe supplies.

They were not ready and they didn't do a good job on testing early on.

Summer will be a good opportunity to reload and prepare.

Anonymous said...

Do your best to plan to never be in one. They are depressing and people die in them.

Anonymous said...

Ed Eilert is an autocrat but Governor Granny Hitler wasn't?
Gee, I wonder what the difference in them could be?