Thursday, May 21, 2020

Newsflash: Kansas City Star Warns Nursing Homes Have Residents Who Might Die!!!

These places are "Heaven's Waiting Room" and there is no illusion that this locale is the last stop for most residents. As the nation copes with the consequences of the ongoing pandemic and the ongoing crisis . . . Here's the so-called paper of record pushing the panic button. Checkit:

Report: Prairie Village nursing home put residents in 'Immediate Jeopardy' from COVID

A state report found violations at a Prairie Village nursing facility that put residents who lived in three wings of the property in "immediate jeopardy related to the spread of COVID-19."


Grip Madlock said...

Cuomo has stated on record that many old folks will die.

Anonymous said...

You meant CHOMO .

Anonymous said...

Cuomo put COVID-19 patients in nursing homes deliberately. He made it clear no one was to ask about the condition of elderly people and slapped them in nursing homes . That's why nursing homes had so many deaths. Nursing homes are not hospitals. He did that on purpose and then screamed and pointed fingers at anyone within reach. The same was done everywhere else. A lot of people who died, did NOT die of the virus and some who had the virus were put with elderly people.

Anonymous said...

This picture is not Brighton Gardens. It is a picture of what is commonly called "The Forum" on 95th Street in Overland Park.