Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Newsflash: Kansas City Homicides Spike And Mayor Studies Longstanding Problem

For those who don't remember, the last three mayors in Kansas City have also "studied" the problem without making any progress or reducing the numbers. Read more:

With homicides rising in Kansas City, mayor appoints public safety study group

In an effort to reduce the persistent violence problem in Kansas City, Mayor Quinton Lucas on Wednesday announced the appointment of five members to a new Public Safety Study Group. The group includes elected officeholders and some who have worked in local law enforcement.


Anonymous said...

How about getting rid of Jean Petersucker Baker, replacing her with a skilled aggressive prosecutor. We need a prosecutor who is intent on getting convictions and maximum sentences? We also need to get rid of our liberal fag judges, most of which went to shithole UMKC fake law school.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Lame. Get a new tune.

Anonymous said...

^^ Can't handle the truth^^

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Truth.

Nobody's defending these people. It's just that your same old comment is boring. Change it up. Use your brain, stop thinking your one joke is funny. At least have 2. Lulz.

Anonymous said...

There was a study done by a large diverse group back at the end of the Barnes administration which had some very good basic recommendations.
It was thrown in the trash by Schulte so he could being Aim4Peace to town from, of all places, Chicago.
And don't forget the Jolie Justus joke of an anti-crime task force that screwed around for a year and produced nada.
Get the 1973 report, meet with the council public safety committee, the police, prosecutor, and police board and implement some of the recommendations.
This smiley selfies Lucas "study" is just a delaying tactic to avoid having to have the guts to seriously address the carnage.

Anonymous said...

"With homicides rising in Kansas City, mayor appoints public safety study group"

Is it a blue-ribbon commission?

Are all stakeholders represented?

Is it so large a group that scheduling meetings is a challenge?

Will Mayor Selfie Q take photos of himself with the group to post on social media?

Anonymous said...

I would like a high paying job, where I don't have to be responsible for anything nor accountable to anyone...where I can just spend a truckload of other people's money to have OTHERs STUDY the problem, write a worthless tome and then do nothing with it...then do it again when the uproar gets loud enough....RINSE, REPEAT!!! "QueLu" seems like a good guy, and extremely articulate, but he is wholly inadequate to take the hard line that is REQUIRED to deal with the recurring problematic issues of KCMoTown that are much more deadly than COVID19!!!!!