Saturday, May 30, 2020

New York Times Starts Campaigning Against Alt-Right Republican Kris Kobach

An overview from the nation's paper of record wants to put the world on notice that a historic FLIP in Kansas might be possible this year . . . Read more:

Kris Kobach Is Back, and a Kansas Senate Seat May Be Up for Grabs

Mr. Kobach's polarizing presence in a race in a reliably Republican stronghold has party leaders worried that Kansas will become a high-stakes battleground for control of the Senate. Ahead of the August primary, Democrats have largely rallied around Barbara Bollier, a retired anesthesiologist who was until recently a Republican.


Anonymous said...

Um, Tony, Kobach is not alt-right. He is a conservative. He has been that way for a long time.

Anonymous said...

What "expertise" about Kansas the New York Times is limited to is "I think it's somewhere west of the Hudson River".
They're desperate for a Democrat to become the next US Senator.
And they will be disappointed.
A political-party-switching resident of Mission Hills in Johnson County with a French-sounding last name is NOT going to win a state-wide election in Kansas.
Poor choice in a year that a good candidate might have had a chance. The NYT needs to stick to reporting on people in their own neighborhood like AOC.

Anonymous said...

Noooooo! We want Kris! Ahab found Moby Dick. Kris will find that voter fraud yet!

Anonymous said...

The Dems want to exercise the biggest voter fraud in the history of politics during the 2020 elections, all behind the COVID-19 scare. I'm sure they're working on fake mail-in ballots now so they can send in millions when the time is right. The most dishonest political party in American history continues its attempts to rip the heart out of America.

Byron Funkhouser said...

You're sure?

I'm sure you are full of shit.

Anonymous said...

9:15 back those bullshit accusations up. Post proof of voter fraud.. you won't because it is non-existent. Here's the Kobach-led voter fraud commission that was disbanded by Morbidly Obese Don himself. Why was it disbanded? Because they couldn't find any.

Stop believing everything. Stop reading Breitbart and watching Fox, learn real actual facts. I eagerly await your links to proven voter fraud.

Anonymous said...

Everyone that know Kobach says the same thing. "He is an asshole, rude". Kobach doesnt care. He has lost so many friends from being disrespectful, even people that know him wont vote for him. He has a personality defect. I will pass on him,,,,

Anonymous said...

Voter fraud, has always, been part of America. This latest episode is nothing new. If you think it hasn't always been with us, then you're either very naïve or just DUMB! That Old Bolshevik, Josef Stalin, summed it up best: "It doesn't matter who votes, what matters is who counts the votes." As HST said: "The only thing that's new is the history you don't know."

Anonymous said...

Wow. Did Stalin count the votes in 2016?

Anonymous said...

Voter fraud is how Donnie got selected.

He lost nationally by 3 million votes but magically got the few thousand he needed in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania to "win".

NC had the only documented case of voter fraud in a 2018 Congressional race. Yep, a Republican representative was caught and that election overturned.