Saturday, May 16, 2020

Nearby Rural Counties Suffer More Coronavirus Than Kansas City

At the outset of the reopen, this statistical fact check offers a glimpse at how the virus has attacked the region and the hotspots that extend into the sticks . . . Checkit:

Which counties have the highest rates per capita? KC isn’t even close


Anonymous said...

Because people are being responsible???

Anonymous said...

KC isn't even close because the virus has done what every virus does and that is fade over time. These numbers are not right in saline county. Of course the people responsible for this virus are mad because we have gotten through it and the can't keep everything closed like they want to. I guess there's always next time for them to kiss butt with the CCP. Oh and the virus was so bad they even kicked out make shift hospitals in NYC because they were put there by conservatives???????? What's that tell you about things.

Anonymous said...

"These numbers are not right in saline county."

Oh are you a county health official? A doctor? Do you run a hospital there?

Of course not: to all three. So shut the fuck up.

What's that tell me about things? It tells me you're a mouth-breathing moron.

Harold Eugene Johnson said...

Group illness, will come Herd Immunity for survivors. Where's the problem?

Anonymous said...

the problem is if a million people die, the economy will be in a death spiral into a depression.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Another amazing “prediction/guess” born from no proof from a sacredy cat sissy boi.