Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Missouri Senator Hawley Joins Fight Against 'Blue State Bailout' Amid Coronavirus

The politics of the pandemics are getting rougher as money runs short . . . Here's one example with a local connection:

Sen. Hawley: Congress must focus on jobs, not bailing out fiscally irresponsible states

While states were financially debilitated by the coronavirus pandemic, Sen. Josh Hawley said on Monday that Congress should not focus its attention on bailing out fiscally irresponsible state and local governments. "Fiscally irresponsible states shouldn't be using this as an opportunity to get free money from the taxpayer because it isn't free," the Republican Missouri lawmaker told " Fox & Friends."


Anonymous said...

Well at least he didn't advocate going to war with anyone. But, did he say it was The Chinamen's fault these governments are BROKE?

Anonymous said...

Josh Hawley focuses on jobs by bailing out fiscally irresponsible corporations with no job retention requirements. So they just blow it on bonuses and dividends.