Sunday, May 24, 2020

Midwest Social Distancing Virtually Nonexistent This Memorial Day Weekend

So many Kansas City denizens visit the lake this weekend along with other parks and smaller outdoor venues . . . The punchline is that NOBODY is taking the social distancing protocols seriously whilst authorities, some politicos and amateur virologists throughout the Internets warn us that the impact will start hitting more vulnerable Americans very hard and very soon.

Check one story out of many:

Memorial Day weekend crowds at Lake of the Ozarks appear to not be observing social distancing

5 On Your Side was sent pictures of people at the lake congregating in large groups, despite guidelines to avoid coming within 6 feet of others


Anonymous said...

The one beautiful natural area within a few hours of KC and it's been totally ruined and feces-contaminated by chuds.

Anonymous said...

But are they laundering money?

Anonymous said...

The joke is that the Kung Flu does not even spread outdoors. Sunlight and heat act as sanitizers. Viral spread is almost all indoors as a result. Getting out on the lake isn't going to anything but make people feel better.

Anonymous said...

No one is observing social distancing especially the folks who walk around with masks on they are the worst. Target was packed, Ace Hardware in Blue Springs was busy, Hy-Vee in Blue Springs was packed and no one is going by the one way isles either. But Cuomo in NYC says if you have the virus don't tell anyone and go check into a nursing home and infect everyone there. The CDC is all over the place with their propaganda and so is the sawed off Dr Fuci or whatever his stupid name is. Can't wait to hear the new holes they drill in their bogus stories.

Anonymous said...

If you'll look closely at that photo you will see that in the lower left corner are a pair of Camaro shoes.

Yes, Camaro shoes.

A perfect summation of the Lake of the Ozarks, and well, who are we kidding, pretty much this entire CHUD infested region.

Anonymous said...

Not many buying the CDC WHO lies anymore.
KC 10-10-10 Mayor... blacks don’t believe him anymore... they are avoiding social distancing as well- Proof was parks yesterday and hangouts. Saw a bounce house in Swope Park yesterday.

This was well intentioned but now a scam to make the poor more poor and racist as it won’t let the poor work.

Many businesses in KC and Jackson county waving the middle finger and open.

No more UTR business and just open... remember all this during the next election. Frame their quotes and scare tactics. Michigan governor will live in infamy as the worst ever. Mayor 10-10-10 worst ever.

Who is the best? Every citizen that avoided the fraud isolation and lived their lives to the fullest.

Mayor 10-10-10: please resign and take archer with you.

Anonymous said...

So true! How many weeks did you live your life in fear when you could have been earning a living?
Memorial Day: Did our heroes hide in their houses?

Vote the Mayor 10-10-10 out! National embarrassment.

See what Candace Owens thinks about Mayor 10-10-10 and other liberals. She might be Trump’s VP running mate. Total nightmare for Dems in 2020. You read it here first!

I am Joe Biden and I forgot this message.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap Batman!

Candace Owens is amazing... puts a hole in every Dem opinion and talking point.

She is black, powerful and Conservative! Dems don’t stand a chance!

Open up every business and vote Mayor 10-10-10 out!

Anonymous said...

Archer needs to go also.

Maybe he can go hide in the streetcar. No one ride it anymore. What a waste.

Anonymous said...

Archer and Mayor 10-10-10.

The two stooges

Anonymous said...

Not true!
People need to be saved!

This will kill billions of people! It could infect rocks on Mars. It will get in our water and destroy minerals!
We need to pay millions to everyone so no one works!
This is the worst plague ever! No one can escape!

Social isolation for everyone for 5 years! We can print money and make everyone a billionaire!

I am Joe Biden and I forgot this message!

Grip Madlock said...

"If you didn't pick the cotton for my Fruit of the looms,you ain't black"

Joe Biden 2020

Retro ROCKER said...

Let the Good times roll Bon ton

Anonymous said...

The Lake of the Ozarks was once farmland. Then the Corp of Engineers built a dam. Trees, old buildings, cars under that dirty water. If you want to feel special as a boater, go the the California coast. Otherwise the Ozarks is just flooded farmland. Nothing special. Redneck central.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. if you have ever been on a boat on the Greek coast, where the water is crystal clear and you can see to the ocean floor clearly - then you wonder why people go to a snake infested patch in Missouri names the Ozarks? Could it be they are not smart, or dont have the money to travel to Greece, or they are scared to travel too far from home?

Anonymous said...

Ozark goers worried about coronavirus? I bet 1,000 of the girls will get herpes this weekend. Worry about that instead. You can tell who they are because their "walk" and gait permenantly changes. They walk with toes going outward and it helps to keep their thighs from rubbing together. I call it the chicken walk. They walk that way even if there is no flareup. It becomes habit.

Anonymous said...

Or, they have a good time where they know urban scholars won't be around to do another mass shooting.

Anonymous said...

Some of those girls are contracting herpes right now. they are drunk, the suns going down and they are getting herpes rubbed all over them. Its a gross place, the Ozarks