Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Meth Town Fireworks Fizzle As Coronavirus Ruins Kansas City Metro Summer 2020

More precautions and a good look at politicos focusing on local priorities . . . Checkit:

Independence, Mo. Independence Day fireworks show canceled due to COVID-19, budgetary concerns

The city of Independence, Mo. is joining the long list of locations canceling their yearly Independence Day fireworks show. The city announced Tuesday that due to public health concerns and budgetary issues, the Independence Day in Independence show that takes place every year at the Mormon Visitors Center has been canceled.


Anonymous said...

Eileen’s big tits are the No. 1 attraction in Independence

Anonymous said...

Good. Less money to the Chinese companies that make the fireworks and less air and noise pollution and stressed-out animals. Bag some steel pots together. It's a blast!

Anonymous said...

It’s cheaper to shoot your 9mm or your 12 gauge or your AR-15.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ killa shitty hoodrats do that everyday already