Friday, May 01, 2020

May Bills Break Kansas City Amid Ongoing Coronavirus Lockdown

Relief efforts hope to provide assistance as more locals join the ranks of the unemployed. Read more:

New month brings challenges for unemployed to pay bills

As the calendar turns to May, the coronavirus pandemic continues across the Kansas City region. It also means a new month of bills are due for thousands of people who lost their job because of layoffs, furloughs or other issues related to the economic downturn brought on by COVID-19.


Smartman said...

I just paid my bills for May since I have put away for rough times over the years.

Anonymous said...

People who haven't been working have been living on some form of welfare and food stamps or pantries and folks who have been laid off can file for unemployment, including an extra $600/week from the feds.
The claims that suddenly rent should be waived, debts should be forgiven, bonuses and hazardous duty pay should be implemented and everything should be free all seem like the usual suspects trying desperately to take advantage of the most recent emergency.
Makes a great narrative and certainly provides endless hand-wringing visuals for the TV "reporters, but there doesn't seem to be much actual analysis of why, with literally trillions of dollars flooding the public, there's suddenly so much want.

Anonymous said...

Among the worst exploiters of struggling families and fixed income seniors is Spectrum cable. Just received notice of a rate increase for basic cable and basic internet to $134 and $66. Time Warner charged a combined cost of $88.
Many areas have no alternative source of cable.
This is under KC franchise.
Where is Q Lucas and the clowncil?

Anonymous said...

Terrified to start work at the restaurant again. How will I make any money with only a 10% capacity customer base? Doesn't seem feasible.